Why us

At Recruitment Hive, Canberra’s not a satellite office, it’s home.

We identify and build relationships with the highest calibre ICT Professionals and offer transparent, moderate fees. We’re passionate about working hard to help the Federal Government benefit all Australians via innovative technology outcomes.

What we do: premium ICT recruitment at a fair price

The Recruitment Hive is a specialist ICT recruitment company that provides permanent recruitment and ICT contracting services to Federal Government and associated industries, all across Australia. We’re all about quality.

We’ve developed a strong process to assist us in identifying, tracking and engaging with the highest quality ICT professionals.
Why do candidates and hiring managers choose us? Our knowledge of the Canberra ICT market is unsurpassed. And importantly…

We’ve banished opportunistic fees by proactively disclosing our contractor rate card

To understand our philosophy regarding far and disclosed ICT Contractor fees read our Hive Blog: What is a fair fee margin on and ICT Contractor in Federal Government

*Total client charge rates also include: Payroll Tax & On-costs (covering legislated insurance and employer obligations, such as paid long service and family & domestic violence leave)

Our Self-Find fees – higher quality at a lower cost

The Recruitment Hive’s Self-Find fee structure is designed to allow our Federal Government clients a recruitment mechanism to leverage their most powerful recruitment advantage: the professional networks of their incumbent teams of technology specialists.

Internal hire recommendations produce better outcomes and, when coupled with Recruitment Hive’s Self-Find fee structure, are acquired at a lower cost to the Federal Government.

Our Self-Find fee structure is designed specifically so client-recommended ICT contractors can be considered, at a reduced rate, as a part of a formal, competitive and merit based tender process.

Higher quality at lower costs. Now that’s a significant benefit for the Australian economy.

Saving the Australian tax payer - one ICT contractor at a time

In a recent Federal Government example, our disclosed and fair contractor fees saved $5 per hour on a single ICT Contractor’s rate. This represented an annual saving to Federal Government of almost $10,000. Due to our moderate set fee structure, this quickly multiplies across every one of our 300+ ICT contractors, directly saving the Australian taxpayers over $3 000 000  per year.

We’re indirectly saving Australian taxpayers over $12,000,000 per year.

We know that by disclosing our moderate ICT Contractor fee structure, our competitors have been forced to react and be more reasonable (less opportunistic) when defining their contractor fees charged to clients.

We are confident that the Federal Government has enjoyed cost savings across all ICT Contractors engaged through our competitors since Recruitment Hive introduced our disclosed and fair ICT Contractor rate card in 2018.

This downward pressure on our entire industry’s contractor fee margins, generated by the very existence of Recruitment Hive’s fair and disclosed ICT Contractor fees, has the potential to save Australian Federal Government departments more millions each year.
If the downward pressure on ICT Contractor fees, among our competitors, has reduced the average contractor fee margin throughout the Federal Government IT contracting industry by only an average of $1.00 per hour, this represents a saving to the Australian taxpayer of over $12 million per year!

For a detailed description of how we have been able to achieve reduced costs for the Federal Government while, at the same time, pay ICT Contractors more than our competitors, please read the following Hive Blog: The Power of Disclosed ICT Contracting Fees in Canberra.

We foster Canberrabillity by actively supporting our community

We’re grateful for our success and care about our community. Since 2012 Recruitment Hive has donated over $200K to Canberra charities including: SleepBus, Home In Queanbeyan, the Canberra Grammar Indigenous Scholarships, St Johns Care, MensLink, Canberra Refugee Support, RoundAbout Canberrra, Stella Bella Little Stars, Canberra Rape Crisis Centre, Beyond Blue, Agri Food Hub, Palliative Care ACT, Canberra Blind Sociaety, Lymphoma Foundation, Sleepy Burrows, Toora, Canberra Hospital Foundation, Barayamal, Australian Indigenous Scholarship Fund, Soldier On, The Australian Kidney Foundation & Australian Melanoma Research Foundation.

To understand more about the reasons behind our donations read the Hive Blog: The complete selfishness of corporate philanthropy by a Canberra company.

Our access to ICT Legends and Federal Government Jobs is second to none.

We know Security Clearances

Recruitment Hive is a current member of the Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) and able to sponsor AGSVA security clearances.

We understand the importance and conditions regarding Australian Government Security Vetting Agency (AGSVA) clearance. We live and breathe security clearances. Many of our internal recruitment team hold current AGSVA clearances.

In a recent snapshot of our currently employed ICT Contractors, 93% held AGSVA security clearances (51% BASELINE, 26% NV1, 12% NV2, 4% other).

In a recent search of our CRM system it returned 11 244 ICT Legends with AGVSA security clearances within our data holdings. 4 998 with BASELINE, 4 525 with NV1, 1 495 with NV2, and 229 with higher clearances.

To learn more about Federal Government AGSVA security clearances read the Hive Blog: Australian Federal Government Security Clearances, a guide for beginners.

Long Service Leave

We are fully compliant with employment legislation and Case Law and the first to proactively pay Long Service Leave to Federal Government ICT Contractors. We established casual employment, and long service leave, as ‘best practice’ for long-term Federal Government ICT contractors by recruitment (labour-hire) companies.

Rather than stumbling along with the lemmings in a fog of denial at the crumbling edge of employment law, Recruitment Hive has decided to lead the way to fair, sustainable and supportive employment for long-term Federal Government ICT Contractors.
In the establishment of casual employment, as best practice, of long-term Federal Government ICT contractors, by labour-hire companies, we will be the employer of record.

Recruitment Hive fully recognises and embraces our ICT Contractors as our employees and we will pay long service leave where it is due.
Just because ICT Contractors are paid well does not mean they should be denied their rights to the long service leave that all other workers in Australia are privileged to. Many, if not most, Federal Government ICT Contractors take few holidays and, after decades of work, can be at risk of driving themselves into the ground, straining their family relations and suffering adverse health outcomes.

An example

Recruitment Hive recently confirmed to an ICT Contractor that they will be receiving 6 weeks of fully paid long service leave in July 2023.

This Contractor had not taken a holiday since 2018!

When ICT Contractors do have time off it is usually between contract assignments. They do not receive any pay during these times and may not know when, or even if, their next contract assignment will start.

We are committed to ensuring that Federal Government ICT Contractors are not treated as machines of work. Recruitment Hive is leading the way to ensuring paid long service leave is made available to all Federal Government ICT contractors.

They deserve it and, legally, they are owed it.

We reject Sham Contracting

By influencing or suggesting to an ICT worker that they should engage with a labour-hire company as an independent contractor through a 3rd party Pty Ltd company, a recruitment company is effectively attempting to outsource their employee entitlement obligations to that 3rd party company

This is referred to within the Fair Work Act 2009 as Sham Arrangements and can attract a fine of over $82 500.

We mind the Gender Wage Gap

We started reporting to the Workplace Gender Equity Agency in 2022.
The gender wage gap within Recruitment Hive is 2.9% compared to the average for Australian companies of 22.8%. More impressive though is the miniscule 0.6% gender wage gap among the ICT Contractors, categorized as professionals, whom we provide to Federal Government. The Australian average gender wage gap, for Professionals, was 21% during the same reporting period!

Compliance, compliance compliance: you don’t have to worry when obtaining services from Recruitment Hive

Client testimonial

I’ve learned so much from your experience, advice, and guidance over the past 11 months… Even though"I have had several contracts through Ben's IT contracting agency and I found his service to be exceptional.