We love our work as much as we love engaging with Canberra’s rich culture. Passionate people are motivated people, and we’re motivated to place the best-fitting ICT candidates in the very best roles. We call it our 'friendly Canberrability'.


Since 2012 we’ve shaken up tech contracting within federal government and done our best to bring a more cooperative, empathetic, and respectful tone to the relationships between ICT Professionals, federal government Clients and ICT recruitment companies. We don’t want Canberra to be a place of exploitation and contractual leverage. We’d rather see mutually beneficial and respectful professional relationships with a focus on delivering technology to assist the Australian people.

We want to make heroes of the Tech Professionals we represent, hold them up on high, celebrate them as the champions of a more efficient and capable future.

BEN ASHMANManaging Director

BEN COUSINSSenior ICT Recruitment Consultant

MARTIN BISHOPBusiness Manager

ANDY EYERSSenior ICT Recruitment Consultant

ALEX ROBSONICT Recruitment Consultant

MATTHEW FALLONSenior ICT Recruitment Consultant

SAFFAT HOISSAINICT Recruitment Consultant

ERIC FALLONICT Recruitment Consultant

AMANDA CASTANOAccounts Manager

BEKE MBONDIAHChief Financial Officer

ALISON COUSINSICT Recruitment Consultant


Recruitment Hive was founded by Ben Ashman in a small office which shook like an earthquake as the trucks rumbled by. We had zero air-conditioning in the office, zero contractors and zero federal government ICT Contractor Panel memberships – we were just another player among the hundreds of federal government ICT contractor service providers.

In 2013 we were ecstatic to be accepted onto the Dep. Of Human Services ICT Contractor Panel – great sighs of appreciation! We had 3 ICT contractors engaged. Still no air-conditioning.

Growth kept happening. Slowly.

By 2015 we had 20 engaged federal government contractors and 300% annual contractor growth! We could pay our bills, feed our children and dream of the future with confidence.

In 2016 our new disclosed and moderate ICT contractor fee margin strategy was a resounding success. Clients and candidates responded positively and our business growth accelerated with 50 engaged ICT Contractors across 18 federal government clients in Canberra, NSW, Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania and Western Australia. We made it onto the Digital Transformation Agencies: Digital Marketplace federal government procurement panel – and we donated $15 000 to HomeInQueanbeyan 

Years 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and now 2021 saw us engage 55, 85, 108, 130 & 200 ICT contractors respectively. We are right on track to achieve the growth Ben mapped onto a now-revered piece of graph paper in that tiny office so long ago!

Enough about how we’ve grown…what do we do?

Premium ICT recruitment at a fair price. Recruitment Hive is a specialist ICT recruitment company that provides ICT contracting services to federal government, primarily within the ACT. We’re all about quality, and our clients agree: in 2021, we have 200 ICT Contractors engaged within 33 federal government organisations in 6 states and territories of Australia.

Of all currently engaged Recruitment Hive federal government ICT Contractors, 93% hold AGSVA security clearances (41% BASELINE, 29% NV1, 10% NV2, 1% PV).

Services we provide range from ICT Solutions Architecture, SAP Technical and Functional Specialists, Business Analysts, Project Managers, Testers, .NET & Java Developers plus a range of rare technology skill sets and functions.

Our strong growth is due to our intimate knowledge of the Canberra ICT market, our great people who simply refuse to offer mediocre service, and our transparent and fair fee structure. Many of our competitors train their people to negotiate up the client rate and negotiate down the contractor rate, maximising fee margin at the expense of contractor and client fairness. We don’t believe this is right. We’d rather have our fees out in the open. So here they are:


There are many things we say lots about in the Canberra ICT sector…and some things we can’t. We’re experts in highly experienced candidates for mission-critical government roles, including their official clearances. “If you are Client needing a highly cleared ICT Professional for a critical project or a Contractor seeking a role to maintain a current security clearance level you want to know that your recruiter understands the federal government security landscape.

It’s all about the questions we ask…and don’t ask. We question ICT Professionals endlessly to determine their capability to deliver high quality services. We question our Client’s about their role requirements, we question ourselves constantly to ensure we aren’t missing anything. But, importantly, we know what not to ask. Enough said.


We know that disclosing our moderate fee structure has forced our competitors to be more reasonable when defining their fee levels. The result is that both our clients and contractors are confident that opportunistic fees are not applied to Recruitment Hive contractor engagements.

If we have helped to reduce the average contractor fee margin throughout the federal government IT contracting industry in Canberra by an average of $1.00 per hour, this represents a saving to the Australian taxpayer of over $12 million per year. Let’s break this down more specifically. In a recent Federal Government example, we saved $5 per hour on a single contractor’s rate. This represented an annual saving to a crucial security agency of almost $10,000. This quickly multiplies acros every one of our ICT contractors…

Saving Australian taxpayers over $1,000,000 per year

We currently engage over 100 ICT federal government contractors, so our transparent and fair fee structure is directly saving the Commonwealth over $1,000,000 per year.

In addition to the current savings Recruitment Hive achieves, we are confident that the federal government will experience further significant contractor cost savings in future engagements across all federal government contractors engaged with our competitors. This has the potential to save Australian Federal Government departments more millions each year.


We have donated over $76,300 to worthy charities since 2012 including:

Movember charity fighting male cancer in Australia

Home In Queanbeyan a loving home for people living with mental illness

Australian Indigenous Education Foundation

Barayamal an indigenous-led organisation empowering entrepreneurs