Where ICT job seekers find what they're looking for.

We know Federal Government technology, and we know Canberra.

We’re a local ICT recruitment powerhouse with unbeatable knowledge on available roles, clients, job trends, pay rates, clearances, and the technology ecosystem in which you make your living. And remember, we now pay our contractors Long Service leave.

Our transparent fee structure is designed banish opportunism from the fees we charge to our clients and give you peace of mind.

*Total client charge rates also include: Payroll Tax & 5% On-costs (covering legislated insurance and employer obligations, such as paid long service and family & domestic violence leave)

Great contractor benefits

Our self-find fees

The Recruitment Hive’s Self-Find fee structure is designed to give our Federal Government clients a recruitment mechanism to leverage their most powerful recruitment advantage: the professional networks of their incumbent teams of technology specialists.

Internal hire recommendations produce better outcomes and, when coupled with Recruitment Hive’s Self-Find fee structure, are acquired at a lower cost to the Federal Government.

Our Self-Find fee structure is designed specifically so client-recommended ICT contractors can be considered, at a reduced rate, as a part of a formal, competitive and merit based tender process. Higher quality at lower costs. Now that’s a significant benefit for the Australian economy.

Where ICT job seekers find what they're looking for.

Since 2012 we’ve worked hard to ‘bring back the love’ in our efforts to make Federal Government ICT contracting in Canberra more cooperative, empathetic and respectful.

In 2018, we were the first to banish opportunism from contractor fee margins by proactively disclosing our contractor rate card. We sought to build trusting and mutually beneficial professional relationships to assist the Federal Government deliver technology solutions that improve the lives of all Australians while making heroes out of the ICT Legends whom we represent.

In 2022, we established fully paid Long Service Leave as “best-practice” for long-term Federal Government ICT contractors. This is in accordance with legislated employer obligations. By recognising our employer obligations to long-term Federal Government ICT contractors we are committed to ensuring that Australia’s most valuable workers are not denied their legislated rights.

We also look for ways to encourage a vibrant arts and performance scene in the Canberra region. During the pandemic, we supported struggling local Canberra district artists with our CoVideo Virtual Gigfest.With 50,000 professional artists in Australia and 600,000 arts workers, the arts contribute a huge benefit to Australians – in fact, cultural and creative activity contributed over $111.7 billion to Australia’s economy. The pandemic stopped performers in their tracks, so we offered up to $800 for performance videos, then hosted them on a custom site. We also offered $1500 in prizes to local Canberra region musicians in our Dance Music Creator program.

Contractor pay rates

Need some help understanding what the ‘Market Rate’ is for ICT Contractor pays? These charts will help you understand the evolution of Market Rates across standard role types (and rate trajectory of the wider market). Created from actual pay rate data from working Federal Government ICT Contractors & collated by business quarter over time.

Architect pay rates

Business Analyst pay rates

Developer pay rates

Project Manager pay rates

Test Analyst pay rates

Client testimonial

Five stars...Recruitment Hive just understands how clearances work, so my quite complex situation was fixed immediately. This is not the experience I had with my previous placement!