Just some of our client and candidate reviews.

I had reservations about moving to contracting from permanent work. I spoke to three recruiters, including Recruitment Hive. I chose you because you spent time on our first call to get to know me, explained your business and reassured me that you had contractors working through your agency for 8 years.

- BR
Ben is a focused recruitment professional who applies nothing but the highest ethical standards to his work. I have no hesitation in dealing with Ben." Ben is the best recruiter I have come across, it is a Superlative performance. Ben has doggedly followed up and never say never spirit until the results are achieved.

- E.J
Simply the best IT agent in Canberra.

- E.R
Ben has had many years experience in running a very successful IT recruitment company. He has obviously been doing something right for a number of years and I would have no hesitation recommending Ben or his firm as a source of IT personnel.

Dynamic, resourceful, the eternal pragmatic optimist and always inventive. I have high regard for his recruiting passion and recommend his services to all.

- C.S
Ben has a real flair for providing exceptional service in his recruitment business. It is reassuring to do business with someone who holds honesty in his conduct in such high regard.

- D.P
I have had several contracts through Ben's IT contracting agency and I found his service to be exceptional. Ben is organised, knows the candidates and the clients well, and understands the skills required and the sensitive issues faced by contractors in this industry. But above all that he is a genuinely caring and trustworthy person who is prepared to go the extra mile to help his clients.

- D.O
Ben is a wonderful people's person and has very good relationship with his clients and collegues.

- E.A
After being in business for many years I was scarred by dealings with many recruiters. Ben just gets it. He will take the time to understand your business and culture in addition to the role and put forward candidates that will suit really well. We have hired our last 5 staff from Ben and now use him exclusively for the majority of our hires. The success we have achieved in the last 18-24 months has largely been because of the right people we have hired from Ben's help. I do not hesitate to recommend Ben to assist anyone with their recruitment needs.

- C.S
The blog on your [Recruitment Hive’s] website about transparent fees was helpful. It gave me confidence and reassured me that you [Recruitment Hive] knew what it was doing... You [Recruitment Hive] answered my call quickly… [and] provided…extensive information.

- F.B
I worked for Ben as a Defence Contractor to the RAN at NASPO (Naval Aviation Systems Project Office). I always found my dealings with Ben to be professional, direct, open, honest and sociable. I freely endorse and recommend Ben and know that anyone working with or for him will be impressed by the same attributes.

- T.J
Ben was my employment agent for a year, and gave excellent service. I developed a rapport with Ben and his company. Highly recommended.

- W.J
Ben is a very honest and professional recruiter who understands the IT industry, especially in Canberra, and works hard to find the best opportunity for prospective employees and contractors. I found Ben to be diligent and easy to communicate with and that he dealt effectively with all my concerns, I am sure the employers he deals with also have great respect for his professionalism as well.

- R.E
As a Recruiting Officer Ben has all the qualities needed, enthusiasm and persistence while remaining patient. He listens to the client’s needs enabling him to make placements where others wouldn’t. As a Business Manager Ben has good vision and remains focused on the long term goals while performing the daily tasks.

- T.C
Ben is a rare person in that he is genuine and does what he promises. Within a week of speaking with Ben he had organised for me to interview at a position that perfectly fit with my skills and knowledge. Throughout the process his focus was always on getting a positive outcome for all parties but was upfront about delays and risks. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Ben to any of my friends that are looking for a position in IT.

- M.C
I have been using Ben’s recruitment company for many years. He has always managed to deliver an exceptional service using an innovative and clever approach that differentiates him (and his company) from other contracting agencies. More importantly, he is extremely fair and honest in his work and belongs to the very rare breed of recruiters that you could actually trust. I have a profound respect for his understanding of the IT local industry and business wisdom and deeply appreciate his advice. I do not hesitate to recommend Ben (and his team) to assist anyone trying to find new positions in Canberra.

- M.C
ou [the recruiter] made an effort to build a relationship with me. Personal but still professional.

- B.R
During your life and career you occasionally come across people and organisations that really go the extra mile, ones that you know will succeed through all types of downturns as they manage to foster absolute loyalty in their friends and customers. I am happy to say Recruitment Hive and your direct team are one of these for me.

- R.H
I’ve learned so much from your experience, advice, and guidance over the past 11 months… Even though our time working together is coming to a close, I’d still love to keep in touch.

- T.G