The winners of our Recruitment Hive Dance Music Creator Search are in! These great Canberra musicians will see and hear their music promoted as we use their tracks in three original new online videos. They’ll also be playing live sets at our upcoming Recruitment Hive Xmas party, an event we’re holding in combination with our good friends at BMA Magazine:

Thanks to all entrants for your amazing Canberrability, and here are the tracks. Take a listen!

Molten Core-

Winner One: Caleb Liaw, Jumpoppa. Track name: Molten Core


Winner Two: Tanner Clark, Kloudi. Track name: Andromeda


Winner Three: Thom Swain/Dylan Harding, Loose Goose. Track name: Varanasi Vibe

Honourable mentions

These artists also hit some pretty impressive sonic achievements

Matthew Gambrill

Chris Gwilt

Merlin Turner