Hiring managers

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The Recruitment Hive was founded in 2012 and since then has grown to be a real force in federal government ICT contractor service provision. Currently we have 130 ICT Contractors engaged within 21 federal government organisation in 6 states and territories of Australia.

In 2019 we grew our engaged ICT Contractor base from 62 to 114, that’s growth of 84%.

Of all currently engaged The Recruitment Hive federal government ICT Contractors, 93% hold AGSVA security clearances (50% BASELINE, 26% NV1, 9% NV2, 2% other).

Services provided range from ICT Solutions Architecture, SAP Technical and Functional Specialists, Business Analysts, Project Managers, Testers, .NET & Java Developers plus a range of rare technology skill sets and functions.

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Since our founding in 2012, The Recruitment Hive has freely disclosed our moderate fee structure. This has disrupted ICT contractor fee margins charged by all recruitment companies providing services under federal government ICT Contractor Panel arrangements.

We are certain that by disclosing our moderate fee structure it has forced our competitors to be less opportunistic when defining their fee levels.

If we have helped to reduce the average contractor fee margin throughout the federal government IT contracting industry in Canberra by an average of $1.00 per hour, this represents a saving to the Australian taxpayer of over $12 million per year.

Every business card we hand out and every email we send contains the following contractor fee rate table in the signature block:

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The result is that both our Clients and Contractors are confident that opportunistic fees are not applied to contractor engagements. In a recent Federal Government example, we saved $5 per hour on a single contractor’s rate. This represented an annual saving to a crucial security agency of almost $10,000.

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We currently engage over 130 ICT federal government contractors in 6 Australian states and territories, so our transparent and fair fee structure is directly saving the Commonwealth over $1,000,000 per year.

In addition to the current savings Recruitment Hive achieves, we are confident that the federal government will experience further significant contractor cost savings in future engagements across all federal government contractors engaged with our competitors. This has the potential to save Australian Federal Government departments more millions each year.

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When a federal government ICT contractor job request is released to panel service providers, the experienced and professional contractors in Canberra know that each contract position is available through multiple services providers. When Recruitment Hive contacts Contractors and automatically discloses our moderate fee margin, this educates the contractors and encourages them to ask all service providers what their contractor fee margins are. This starts a conversation about fee margins between the Contractors and all of the service providers where before there was none, or very little, discussion about what a fair contract fee margin is.

As the contracting professionals often have the power to choose which service provider represents their application to a federal government ICT contract job opportunity, they generally chose a service provider willing to disclose their moderate fee margin, OR they use that moderate fee margin knowledge to negotiate a lower fee margin with their preferred service provider. This creates downward pressure on fees charged to the federal government on contractors across ALL service providers, potentially saving the Commonwealth tens of millions of dollars each year.

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We’re native Canberrans, working in Canberra for Canberra. We know the ICT market here, and as a result, we have all the very best security-cleared ICT people ranked and standing by on our system. The Commonwealth can obtain significant savings by creating downward pressure on professional contractor service provider fee margins just by including Recruitment Hive, and our moderate & disclosed fee structure, within ICT contractor tender opportunities.

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There are many things we say lots about in the Canberra ICT sector…and some things we can’t. We’re experts in highly experienced candidates for mission-critical government roles, including their official clearances. If you’re client needing a highly cleared ICT professional for a critical project – or a contractor seeking a role to maintain a current security clearance level – you want to know that your recruiter understands the federal government security landscape.

It’s all about the questions we ask…and don’t ask. We question ICT Professionals endlessly to determine their capability to deliver high quality services. We question our clients about their role requirements, we question ourselves constantly so we don’t miss anything. But, importantly, we know what not to ask. Enough said.

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All contractors engaged to provide services to our federal government clients have read, and adhere to the following policies.

[/vc_column_text][vc_custom_heading text=”Our federal government Client policies:” font_container=”tag:h3|font_size:18px|text_align:center|color:%230a0a0a|line_height:27px” use_theme_fonts=”yes” css=”.vc_custom_1554857357073{margin-top: 50px !important;margin-bottom: 10px !important;}”][vc_column_text]

At all times when delivering services within the Commonwealth’s premises or facilities, ICT Contractors, engaged by The Recruitment Hive, must ensure that they comply with all federal government policies, guidelines and procedures relating to workplace harassment, occupational health (including the smoke free work place policy), APS and the Commonwealth’s Codes of Conduct, safety and security, including the Commonwealth’s Internet access and usage guidelines, in effect at those premises or in regard to those facilities, as notified by the Commonwealth.
Specific information regarding these federal government policies, guidelines and procedures can be seen at these URLS:

Code of Conduct – Australian Federal Government
Australian Public Servant – Values
Integrity in the Australian Public Service
Diversity & Inclusion in the Australian Public Service
Public Service Act 1999

At all times when delivering services within the Commonwealth’s premises or facilities, ICT Contractors engaged by Recruitment Hive ensure that they comply with Legislative Requirements, particularly the Crimes Act 1914 (Cth), the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 (Cth), the Sex Discrimination Act 1984 (Cth), the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (Cth) and the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012 (Cth) (the Gender Equality Act):
Crimes Act 1914
Racial Discrimination Act 1975
Sex Discrimination Act 1984
Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/6″][/vc_column][/vc_row]