Canberra’s ICT Job Market Summary

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Has the Canberra ICT Job market expanded or contracted over the past 12 months to Jan 2020?

Through Seek Analytics and data made available thanks to the Australian government’s Freedom of Information laws we can get a pretty good snapshot of how the Canberran federal government technology job market is travelling in early 2020.

Seek conveys that the advertised permanent remuneration for technology jobs in Canberra is up 2.7% which is above the national average for all industries that reported growth of 2.3% up to August last year. Also, according to Seek, averaged advertised salary for permanent technology jobs in Canberra was $110 000.

What ICT jobs are up in Canberra?

Total technology job advertising for Canberra is down by 5.4%, with telecommunications roles being the most sluggish at a whopping 31% decline over the past year. Fewer ICT role categories show an increase, but Software Engineering (different from Applications Development) vacancy advertising grew by an impressive 19%.

Other roles that experienced increased demand over the past 12 months include:

  • Product Management & Developer ( + 5%);
  • Hardware Engineers ( +4%);
  • Database Developers and Administrators ( +3%). &
  • Security ( +3%).

What ICT jobs are down in Canberra?

Some of the technology role categories that experienced a decline in demand over the past 12 months include:

  • Program & Project Management ( -10%);
  • Testing & Quality Assurance ( -9%);
  • ICT Architects ( -8%);
  • Networks & Systems Administrators ( -8%);
  • ICT Management ( -7%);
  • Business & Systems Analysts ( -3%), &
  • Help Desk & ICT Support ( -3%)

What about Recruitment Hive?

From Recruitment Hive’s in-house data we can report that the number of job requirements received from our (mostly) federal government Clients rose from 532 in the 2018 calendar year to 762 in the 2019 year, an increase of 43%.

Drilling down to individual role category Jobs released to Recruitment Hive from the federal government market over the past 12 months we can investigate the change in demand that Recruitment Hive has experienced:

  • ICT security Job opportunities + 93%;
  • DevOps Job opportunities + 800%;
  • Business Analyst Job opportunities + 53%;
  • Test Analyst Job opportunities + 7.5%;
  • ICT Architect Job opportunities +71%;
  • Project Manager Job opportunities +12%;
  • .NET Developer Job opportunities + 3%, &
  • Java Developer Job opportunities + 15%

Comparing Recruitment Hive’s growth in specific role category demand we can get a sense of how we are performing in relation to the rest of the local Canberra ICT industry conditions. If Seek’s data conveys an – 8% reduction of advertised ICT Architect roles in Canberra, but Recruitment Hive’s data confirms we have had a 71% increase of ICT Architect roles issued to us over the same period then it might be fair to say that Recruitment Hive is out performing the market in regards to access to ICT job opportunities.

What are Job Seekers looking for?

Other interesting data from Seek suggests that a potential employer’s social responsibility is only important to 1.6% of technology professionals looking for their next position. Quite a stark contrast to modern social discourse. Rather, the top three things of importance that technology professionals are seeking in their next role are:

  1. Salary / Compensation;
  2. Work / Life Balance. & 
  3. Career Development Opportunities.

12 months ago, 71% of technology job seekers where male, this year Seek suggests that males were applying for technology opportunities 81% of the time. Again, contrary to popular social discourse.

ICT Canberra supply increases according to Seek

In describing technology Candidate availability across Australia, Seek have developed an index that they have calculated for the past eight years. Currently, technology Candidate availability within Australia is at 180 on their index, which is very high. By comparison, twelve months ago Seek’s Candidate availability index was at 140, in 2016 it was a 100 and in 2012 their technology Candidate availability index was at 80. This indicates very low technology Candidate availability back in 2012. And that in early 2020, Candidate availability is at its highest peak for the past eight years.

Canberra’s performance

When looking at how many federal government contracts have been awarded to each of the main ICT recruitment companies in Canberra in the 12 months from 1st of Jan 2019 through 31st January 2020 and comparing this to how many contracts were awarded in the previous 12 months from 1st January 2018 through to 31st of January 2019, we can see that there has been an equal mix of growth and decline of the major ICT contractor recruitment providers in Canberra. The growth rate of contracts awarded over the 12 months to January 31st 2020, compared to the previous 12 months to January 31st 2019 are:

  • Recruitment Hive increased +6.9%
  • Finite IT Recruitment receded -22.7%
  • PeopleBank increased +17.2%
  • Modis receded by -25.9%
  • Compas increased by +2%
  • Greythorn receded by -20%
  • GMT receded by -58.2%
  • Ignite increased by +22.5%
  • Paxus receded by -3.9%
  • Hitech receded by -3.9%
  • Talent International increased by +7.3%