Has the Canberra ICT Job market expanded or contracted over the past 12 months? Click to find out.

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So, how is the Federal Government ICT job market in Canberra. Up? Down?

Thanks to SEEK Analytics and data from the Federal Government’s Austender website, we can get a pretty good snapshot of what the current circumstances of the Federal Government ICT job market in Canberra are.

In the 12 months prior to March 2019 there was:

• a 10.35% drop in the number of advertised IT jobs in Canberra
• a 0.22% increase in job seeker activity

This indicates slightly more people looking for work and, at the same time, a reasonably significant drop in positions available.

• 75% of IT job seeking candidates in Canberra were male

• The IT positions that had the least number of applicants to Job adverts (indicating that they are the most rare and hard to find skill sets) were:

– IT Architects
– Database Developer and DBA
– Developers (of all kinds)
– Network Engineers
– System Administrators
– IT Security Specialists

From March 2018 until October that year ICT Candidate demand was slightly higher than supply. In November 2018, ICT candidate supply rose above demand levels. Since November 2018 the demand for ICT professionals has continued to rise slower than the supply creating an increasingly wider gap with current supply higher than demand by approximately 10%.

The following is a description of Supply vs Demand for specific IT skills categories (as of March 2019):

– ICT Architects – Supply outstripping demand by less than 1%
– Business & Systems Analysts – Demand outstripping supply by approx. 15%
– Database Developers & Administrators – Demand outstripping supply by approx. 5%
– Developers – Supply outstripping demand by less than 5%
– Network Engineers – Supply outstripping demand by approx. 10%
– IT Support – Supply outstripping demand by less than 5%
– Systems Administrators – Supply outstripping demand by approx. 10%
– Project Managers – Supply outstripping demand by approx. 20 %
– IT Security – Supply outstripping demand by approx. 10%

During the month of March 2019, 2.31% of all Seek ads for IT professionals in Canberra were posted by The Recruitment Hive.

According to SEEK, total demand for ICT professionals in Canberra dropped by – 0.54% over the 12 months to March 2019, but rose 0.14% in the month of March.

Another useful indicator of Federal Government ICT contractor market circumstance in Canberra is the comparative volume of awarded ICT contracts being announced by the Federal Government’s Austender website.

When looking at how many Federal Government contracts were awarded to each of the main ICT recruitment companies in the 12 months from 1st of May 2017 through 31st May 2018 and comparing this to how many contracts were awarded in the next 12 months from 1st 2018 through to 31st May 2019. We can see that most of the major ICT contractor recruitment providers in Canberra have diminished, only a few rare exceptions have grown over the past 12 months when compared to the previous 12 months:

  • Finite IT Recruitment : Receded by 0.66%
  • PeopleBank : Receded by 15%
  • Modis : Receded by 20.9%
  • Compas : Receded by 7.4%
  • Greythorn : Receded by 23.8%
  • GMT People : Grown by 19%
  • Ignite : Grown by 7.9%
  • Paxus : Receded by 16%
  • HiTech : Receded by 3%
  • Talent : Receded by 3%
  • Recruitment Hive : Grown by 24%


Data sourced from SEEK Analytics and Austender